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How can you help my company set up an office in Spain and why use a relocation service, can’t we do it ourselves?

Here at SRS, our team of experienced professionals have a wide knowledge of the laws in Spain, moreover, we work with trusted, honourable and professionals that offer unbiased and sensible advice. This can save you so much time and also avoid all the pitfalls. Historically, our service has actually saved our clients a lot of money, time, hassle and concern.

Do I have to obtain special permission to live and work in Spain?

All EU residents are free to live and work in Spain, however, there are certain papers and permits that have to be obtained by law. We explain all the requirements and guide you, painlessly, through the whole process, in a professional and swift manner.

I am looking to set up a business in Spain, is this a simple process?

There are a number of ways to set up a business, depending on your status, i.e. Sole Trader, Partnership or limited company. SRS can take care of all the important aspects; assist with paperwork, office rental and all the relevant business services. We work with only the best lawyers and accounts that offer the best advice and service.

We are intending to retire to Spain, what are the implications?

Spain is a very popular destination for retirees, having a great climate, slower pace of life, Mediterranean lifestyle, diet etc. Our pensions and investment advisors here, can offer unbiased advice and deal with the smooth transition of your relocation.

Can I bring my car to Spain and is it recommended?

Of course, you are allowed to bring your car in to Spain, however, it would need to be re-registered and possibly be subjected to importation tax. For these reasons, it may be pertinent to buy here in Spain. New cars tend to be cheaper that other EU countries, however, used cars tend to hold there value and can sometimes be slightly more expensive than neighbouring countries.

What is the standard of healthcare like in Spain?

Hospitals and clinics are among the best in Europe and patients are well cared for by experienced professionals. Some of our clients opt for private medical insurance, however, and we are happy to assist in the organisation of PMI with one of our preferred suppliers.



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